Paul Ridden
Paul Ridden

Paul Ridden has over 36 years of experience in building enterprise technology solutions that deliver real business value, day in and day out. After a long career working with technology, Paul founded Skillweb in the late 1990s to provide technology solutions that would help organisations to manage their mobile workforces and track the movement of their goods. Under his astute leadership, Skillweb grew from its humble beginnings in Princes Risborough to become a leading provider of enterprise-grade software. Skillweb now manages deployments across the world and is responsible for over 100 million transactions each month. Paul became CEO of SmartTask in January 2010. SmartTask is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution. This makes it highly scalable, reliable and affordable, thus removing the need for costly, time-consuming and complex technology projects. Companies can quickly and effectively implement this workforce management solution without the need for a dedicated IT Department. Ongoing support also provides full disaster recovery and software upgrades as part of the subscription.

The Protection & Asset Management Series,
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